Muy pronto estaremos en Equipmag mostrando nuestras máquinas.

Very soon we will be in Equipmag showing our machines. With great enthusiasm and desire to show everything they are capable of doing.

Pathogenic microorganisms: what they are and how to eliminate them

We often talk about micro-organisms, pathogens and both together: Pathogenic micro-organisms. However, it is not always clear what they are. Therefore, today at UCE Machines, we tell you what pathogenic microorganisms are and how to eliminate them. What are pathogenic microorganisms and where are they found? Pathogenic micro-organisms are [...]

How to disinfect clothes in shopping textiles? 

Properly disinfecting clothing in textile stores is essential. If we don't, we may find that we endanger our customers or our workers. For this reason, today at UCE Machines, we give you the keys on how to optimally disinfect clothes in textile stores. What is the best method of […]

UCE Machines will be at the Passenger Terminal Expo Paris fair

On June 15, 16 and 17, one of the world's largest trade fairs for passenger terminal design, management, security and technology will be held in Paris. Hundreds of professionals from the sector will meet there to obtain and exchange information and ideas about the future and innovations in the […]

What are the advantages of disinfection by ozone? 

Given the health situation in which we find ourselves, have had to seek measures before unknown to take care of our personal hygiene. Whether at home or in public spaces, and work, have emerged and new options such as disinfection by ozone. Today, in UCE Machines, we talk about the advantages that has this type of [...]

What is the best option for the disinfection of footwear in spaces big step?

Although hygiene is something that concerned the population for years, every day it is more essential to take it into account when passing through areas that are highly agglomerated. And this, when we talk about business, it is much more important. Today, in UCE Machines we talk about how to disinfect footwear in spaces big step. How [...]

What is the disinfection by fogging?

Disinfection is a key issue in many businesses and establishments. And one of the best ways to disinfect it using the spray. Today, in UCE Machines we tell you everything you need to know about disinfection by fogging. What is it and what is fogging? The nebulization is the process by [...]

What are the best machines for cleaning and disinfecting industrial? 

The cleaning and disinfection of industrial are essential in high traffic of people and require certain machines and special tools, because the dirt that you can have in places like supermarkets or airports has nothing to do with the that you may have in a house. Today, in UCE Machines we talk about the [...]

The Clean Box One comes to the supermarket Carrefour Express

The Clean Box One comes to the family of supermarkets Carrefour Express to ensure hygiene and disinfection of their shopping carts. What's the goal? To ensure the security and the tranquillity of each of the clients. Our Clean Box One is the perfect option for the prevention of risks of contamination with microbes, since they [...]

We are already in the main railway stations of the peninsula

Our machines are already in operation in major railway stations throughout the peninsula. Our Clean Box One will take care of the cleaning and disinfecting of trays that are in the control of safety. The objective is to ensure the protection and health of workers of the seasons as [...]