CleanBox Arck

The evolution of the Cleanbox Sanity system to disinfect shopping carts with a decorative and futuristic design.Composed of two independent parts that create an entrance for people, shopping carts and wheelchairs while it sanitizes and disinfects.

The electrical connection must be by air or by buried register and the anchorage with four bolts in each. As the Sanity machine , this one has a user counter with the possibility of resetting every day and a total accumulation of cycles.

One of the novelties for people to accept entering through the arch, is that it has the possibility of selecting between spraying to the waist or total spraying.

About the product we use, it is not a disinfectant or hydroalcoholic spray but it is a medical device used in the sterilization of surgical instruments.

It has all the certifications and it is not dangerous breathing it or if it enters in the mouth.

Operators: 1 Person
Production: 180 Trays /hour
Trays measures: 10 to 50 cm
Electrical power: 220/380 V - 50/60 HZ power Consumption (other powers, query)
Connection Water: 250 ml per cycle.
Dimensions: Height 1520 mm / Length 921 mm / Width 950 mm
Weight: Approx. 250 Kg


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It currently performs the following processes within the treatment cycles for baskets and trays.

Cleaning, disinfection and process efficiency:

  • Saving water consumption
  • Electricity savings
  • Time saving
  • Savings on detergents
  • Total disinfection
  • It’ versatile because it allows the washing of baskets, trays, boxes…
  • Comfortable and simple to use efficiently
  • Adaptable to sanitary protocols and other types of packaging
  • Durability, being its design and elements of an industrial nature

Virus-free zones (Or not)

Mesophilic aerobes

Test on 10 trays and baskets with different levels of bacteria and pathogens

Researchers from the University of Nottingham and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare have put under the microscope an airport, Helsinki-Vantaa, with the aim of knowing how respiratory viruses are transmitted in these places of mass transit. In the study, published in BMC Infectious Diseases, it is clear that bathrooms, which have such a bad reputation, are the most innocent.