CleanBox Sanity

CleanBox Sanity revolutionizes the most stringent and tough demands of sanitization, disinfection and bacterial reduction, thanks to its 3 in 1 system,to protect you and those around you every day from unpleasant pathogens.

Operators: 1 Person
Use: Each user can disinfect hands, the soles and the car
before you enter to make the purchase.
Weight: Approx. 150 Kg
Water consumption: No installation of water or sewer.
Electrical power: 220/380 V - 50/60 HZ (other powers, query)
Dimensions: Height 135 cm / Length 150 cm / Width 110 cm


What CleanBox Sanity can do?

CleanBox Sanity revolutionizes the most stringent and tough demands of sanitization and disinfection.

CleanBox Sanity is a machine for disinfecting shopping carts, hands and footwear of users of supermarkets or airports.
The machine is designed for each customer to make use of it and proceed to the disinfection of the shopping cart (wheels, interior and grab bar), and on a personal level their hands and the soles of their footwear.
For this we use a spray system composed of a specific viricide for COVID-19 and other pathogenic organisms.

This spray will be carried out by means of sprinklers that create a nebulization composed of disinfectant micro-drops that reach each and every one of the parts of the shopping cart and the hands of the customer. It also has a carpet impregnated with disinfectant that disinfects the wheels and soles of both the cart and the user.

Once the extraction of the shopping cart has been carried out, the machine performs another spray in the area where the next client will pose his feet, when stepping on he will disinfect his footwear being the process totally automatic.

In our day to day we go to supermarkets and use shopping carts used by thousands of people. Studies conducted by the Universities of Tucson and Harvard show w shopping baskets and carts, even before Covid-19, were already and are an important focus
of contagion of germs, bacteria and viruses of all kinds.

It is estimated that one million pathogens can "inhabit" the grip of a shopping cart, including coronaviruses, salmonella and E-Coli. Thanks to CleanBox Sanity we manage to disinfect the soles, hands and shopping carts
in a record time of 3 seconds per user.

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