What are the advantages of ozone disinfection?

  • By ucemachines
  • On 16 May, 2022

Given the health situation in which we find ourselves, have had to seek measures before unknown to take care of our personal hygiene. Whether at home or in public spaces, and work, have emerged and new options such as the disinfection ozone. Today, in UCE Machines, we talk about the advantages that has this type of disinfection.

Why is it a good option disinfection by ozone?

The ozone disinfection is the best one at the time of the ending of all types of pathogens. This is achieved by the oxidation of the coverage of these microorganisms, destroying them completely. 

When this process has completed, the ozone decomposes, so that there are no chemical residues of any kind that may harm people. 

The main advantage of this type of disinfection is the fact that ozone is one of the oxidants strongest of the nature, in addition to that it does not damage any material and can act as a deodorizer. 

Keep in mind that ozone is not dangerous for our health, because it is used in small doses for short periods of time.

What we recommend disinfection with ozone to obtain optimal results?

The normal thing is that we use this method to disinfect everything that we carry over once we arrived at our place of work, to the gym, to the mall or to some other space chipboard. It is able to eliminate microorganisms such as the yeast to 100%.

This type of disinfection takes time to be used in health centres and factories to disinfect utensils. In addition, according to a WHO study, the ozone is recognized as “the more sanitizer efficient against all types of microorganisms”.

What machines are the best to disinfect by ozone?

The disinfection by ozone you have many machines available that demonstrate your value. We highlight the following for its speed and efficiency:

  • CleanBox Sport: List for sanitation, disinfection and reduction of bacterial, this machine is capable of protecting the health of your clients and workers in the optimal manner. In a maximum period of 30 min any utensils will be free of the most harmful micro-organisms.

As you have seen, the disinfection by ozone is at the forefront of the disinfection of personal use or in public spaces. It is easy to use and it takes relatively little to disinfect most of the personal items that you bring one over. 

disinfection ozone

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