Although hygiene is something that concerned the population for years, every day it is more essential to take it into account when passing through areas that are highly agglomerated. And this, when we talk about business, it is much more important. Today, in UCE Machines we talk about how to disinfect footwear in spaces big step.

How to disinfect your footwear? 

It is important to note that neither in open spaces or in space closed, it is advisable to spray a large scale. This can cause irritation in the eyes, respiratory system and skin. There is that to look for other alternatives.

It is true that with a little hand sanitizer can disinfect the shoes, but not the ideal solution, because it's always remnants and, let's be honest, is not the best way to achieve a thorough cleaning.

In any case, the solution is already invented. To make it all the more fun we have created machines that are able to eliminate the germs in a matter of seconds.

What are the best machines for the disinfection of footwear in areas of high step?

To avoid all this kind of problems, enters the scene, a machine called a CleanBox Pass, installable within all kinds of establishments. It is mainly used in schools, businesses, shopping centers and shops, or to be more clear, in areas where there is usually a lot of traffic of people.

The operation of this machine is simple: when you pass through the machine, we have to bring the hand to a sensor, which will also measure your body temperature and subsequently activate the system of hygiene for hands and feet, in a matter of a second. It is easy to use because the user does not have to do anything, just wait.

Another machine that is worth mentioning is the CleanBox Sanity with a system 3-in-1 able to sanitize both your hands, as your footwear and your shopping cart. This method is very practical for shopping centers, because in a matter of a second the health of the client is no longer in danger.

With these two prototypes cannot guarantee the security in health care is concerned. In times of pandemic, these two machines have helped a multitude of businesses to ensure the hygiene and proper disinfection of their customers and workers.

disinfection footwear

In short, if you want to the best disinfection footwear (in addition to hands and to the shopping cart), these two machines will be your greatest allies. If you have any questions about them, please consult us without commitment.

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