How to disinfect clothes in textile stores?

  • By ucemachines
  • On 2 June, 2022

Disinfect correctly clothes in shopping textiles is essential. If we do not do so, we may find that we endanger our customers or our employees. By this, today from UCE Machineswe'll give you the keys about how to disinfect clothes in shopping textiles in the optimal manner.

What is the best method of disinfection of clothing?

At the time of disinfect clothes (whether in shops, textiles or any other place), the best method is to disinfection by ozone. It has been shown since the first machines, which used this system came to market.

Disinfection by ozone is able to kill all kinds of bacteria and micro-organisms to oxidize its coatings and prevent them from continuing to live. The ozone could be harmful to the human being, but in the quantities that use machines of ozone there is no problem.

What is the best machine disinfection of textiles on the market?

Currently, the best machine disinfection of textiles on the market is the Clean Box Sport, which is precisely, it uses the system of disinfection by ozone. Here are the advantages of using this machine.

Advantages of the Clean Box Sport

Here you have the benefits of the Clean Box Sport:

  • Disinfection of broad-spectrum: With this machine you'll be able to sanitize a large number of objects and textiles. From motorcycle helmets, or of any other kind to uniforms, clothing closet, add-ins... And also other objects, such as children's toys, stuffed animals, etc In short, is a machine disinfection off-road.
  • For any germ: Clean Box Sport allows you to eliminate the micro-organisms most common and harmful. For example, has a degree of eefectividad 100% against yeasts; 99.9% compared to molds; 90% compared to E. Coli; the 99% against staphylococcus... And we could go on with a long list of germs.
  • Easy to use and fast: Disinfection Clean Box Sport is very fast. It is a simple cupboard in which you enter what you want to disinfect, active the procedure, and wait. After a few minutes, all that you have entered will have been properly disinfected and is ready to use.
disinfect clothes

As you can see, disinfect clothes in shopping textiles can be done in many ways, but only a few are optimal. With our products and tips, you'll be able to get the best results and to avoid putting at risk your clients or workers.

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