Our Clean Box Pass in Switzerland

  • By alejandro99
  • On 30 April, 2021

In is designed we have always opted for quality and efficiency, as we have more than 15 years of experience dedicated to the R & D of machines and processes disinfection and cleaning for the removal of pathogenic micro-organisms. 

Our machines perform processes of disinfection and sanitation comprehensive, unique and pioneers in the market that will help to control and reduce the transmission of pathogens that can cause infectious diseases. 

Currently, we are committed to internationalization, and we want to make our machines to all those places of great step population to ensure the safety and public health, eliminating the risk of contagion.

For this reason, our Clean Box Pass has arrived in Switzerland, where it is already including in many establishments as a barrier disinfection and sanitation of hands and shoes. This machine is designed for sites with large volume of people in the inputs and outputs. In addition, it includes a temperature controller coupled to an alarm of risk both sound and visual. 

Thanks to its speed and efficiency allows the step to be agile and without delays, in addition, it is able to disinfect both hands as feet in a single second. It is not necessary to touch or press anything so lets face without problems the collection of users.