The Clean Box One arrives at Carrefour Express supermarkets

  • By alejandro99
  • On November 11, 2021

The Clean Box One comes to the family of supermarkets Carrefour Express in order to ensure the hygiene and disinfection of their shopping carts. What's the goal? To ensure the security and the tranquillity of each of the clients. 

Our Clean Box One is the perfect option for the prevention of risks of contamination with microbes, as it manages to eliminate up to 99.99% of pathogens that cause diseases such as the common flu, gastroenteritis or cystitis. 

In addition, this machine features a system of rotation for 360° degrees a temperature 45/60°, which allows to reduce the pollution levels in an acceptable manner during 72 hours. 

Without a doubt, the Clean Box One in UCE Machines it is synonym of efficiency, as is supported by the corresponding study microbiological, made by the company Betelgeux and comply 100% with the industry regulations of the EC. In addition, it has far surpassed the essay Electrical Safety, backed by the ITE. 

In an area that happens to many people as it can be, for example, a grocery store, clean and disinfect correctly the shopping cart is completely necessary. So you can remove any risk of transmission of pathogenic micro-organisms and provide each one of customers with the highest comfort and quality in your experience on the site.

For this reason, we are very grateful that the chain Carrefour Express has decided to rely on us, including our Clean Box One as a measure of disinfection and cleaning of their cars.