video producto sanitisation and disinfection of trays and trolleys in Airports in Supermarkets in Industry Cleaning professionals, in Hospitals in Airports in Supermarkets in Industry in Hospitals in Airports in Supermarkets in Industry in Hospitals in Airports in Supermarkets in Industry in Hospitals in Airports in Supermarkets in Industry in Hospitals in Airports in Supermarkets in Industry in Hospitals in Airports in Supermarkets in Industry in Hospitals in Airports in Supermarkets in Industry in Hospitals in Airports in Supermarkets in Industry in Hospitals in Airports in Supermarkets in Industry in Hospitals CleanBox One
Tray washing and disinfection machine
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CleanBox Sanity
Higienización, desinfección y reducción bacteriana,
gracias a su sistema 3 en 1
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CleanBox Sport
sanitization, disinfection and bacterial reduction
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R&D&I for the elimination of
pathogenic microorganisms in Airports
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R&D&I for the elimination of
pathogenic microorganisms with the CleanBox System
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Uce Machines – Machines for cleaning and disinfection

More than 15 years attest the experience of UCE MACHINES in the research, innovation and development of machines, processes, and devices aimed to eliminate pathogens

and to protect public health.

Our Services

 Somos una empresa innovadora que crea, desarrolla y fabrica máquinas para optimizar las cargas de trabajo de los empleados y mejorar su productividad. Nuestras máquinas se adaptan a las necesidades de cada sector y de cada tarea automatizando diferentes labores, ofreciendo soluciones personalizadas y eficientes.
Uce Machines contribuye al ahorro de recursos como la luz, el agua, productos y la energía, lo que se traduce en una mejora de la rentabilidad (menor tiempo) y la sostenibilidad de la  empresa.

Nuestro objetivo es facilitar el trabajo de los empleados y aumentar su satisfacción y su bienestar. Por eso, nuestras máquinas son creadas ergonómicamente para ofrecer las mejores soluciónes para su empresa.
Somos tu aliado tecnológico para impulsar tu competitividad y tu crecimiento en el mercado.

Cumplimos la normativa vigente y todos los requisitos para la fabricación para el sector de agroalimentario.
Certificamos la correcta limpieza y desinfección de los resultados obtenidos en nuestras máquinas.


Airports and railway stations

Eliminating viruses and pathogenic microorganisms.



Disinfecting shopping carts to avoid any possibility of infection or contagion.


Meat and fish industry

Cleaning and disinfecting all tools and devices.



Bactericidal action in trays and instruments.

Slide All Advantages A clear example of efficiency. Taking as indicative the worst case consumption of the trays. Time savings Cycles last max. 40 sec. cleaning, disinfection and drying to clean 4 trays at a time. 360 X Hour. Savings in consumption The consumption per cycle is 0.25 litres of water per wash. Energy saving Considering continuous use for one hour, electricity consumption would be negligible.Considering continuous use for one hour, electricity consumption would be negligible. MORE INFORMATION Slide The new CleanBox PASS machine from Uce Machines
is designed to solve the problem of disinfection.
in places where overcrowding at the entrances and exits is
of concern. The incorporation of the DETECTION OF
TEMPERATURE, makes that together with the risk alarm both
and visual pollution, the person who may be contaminated shall not
access the site to avoid the risk of contagion.
The disinfection solution
of places with high traffic
at the entrances and exits
Slide * It has all the certifications including this product is used for the
disinfection as a spray directly into the throat through the mouth.
MORE INFORMATION Adaptation of the principles of the Cleanbox Sanity but with a very refined and decorative design with a futuristic touch, the highlight of this machine is the autonomy of the two parts of the monoliths, being independent of each other and not having any element of union, which facilitates the passage of people, trolleys and wheelchairs of disabled people through it without any barrier between them.
Slide The solution for disinfection of trolleys hands and soles at entrances and exits with high traffic in supermarkets. CleanBox Sanity revolutionises the most exacting and profound demands for sanitisation and disinfection. MORE INFORMATION Slide Disinfection booth
and sanitation of sportswear, rental clothing, uniforms and many used items. Its use is aimed at mainly to those markets for rental, professional equipment, uniforms, clothing for shops, kindergartens, schools, etc. MORE INFORMATION

Our Customers

Slide Slide

A BioMed Central Infectious Diseases study, led by scientists from the University of Nottingham and the Health Institute of Finland, concludes that AIRPORT BANKS are teeming with germs, including those responsible for colds, and accumulate more respiratory viruses than toilets.
At Uce machines we have achieved a disinfection level of zero microorganisms.
pathogens after cleaning with the CleanBox system for 72 hours.


The machine for cleaning and disinfecting airport trays

At UCE Machines, specialists in cleaning and disinfection machines, we are well aware of the number of sources of transmission of contagious diseases to which we are exposed in our daily lives, especially in places with a large influx of people. 

Trays at the airport are a point of risk and high accumulation of pathogenic micro-organisms. That is why the Clean Box One, our tray cleaning and disinfection machine, is the ideal choice for airports.

This disinfecting and cleaning machine will help reduce the risk of viral contamination throughout the airport.


Cleaning and disinfection as the main objective.

The main objective of our cleaning and disinfection machines is to eliminate up to 99.99% of pathogenic microorganisms that can be found in places that can be sources of transmission of contagious diseases.

Our Clean Box range are the first cleaning and disinfection machines on the market that are able to carry out a total elimination of pathogens on surfaces. 

In addition, our cleaning and disinfection machines are designed to be effective in supermarkets, airports, in the meat and fish industry, and even in sports centres. In this way, we at UCE Machines aim to actively contribute to stopping the spread of contagious diseases through our cleaning and disinfection machines.


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We guarantee certified optimal results.


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The leading airport DevelopmentEvent in Saudi Arabi.

Uce Machines presenta sus máquinas en Arabia Saudí, siendo un éxito en la feria para aeropuertos.

Muy pronto estaremos en Equipmag mostrando nuestras máquinas.

Very soon we will be in Equipmag showing our machines. With great enthusiasm and desire to show everything they are capable of doing.

Pathogenic microorganisms: what they are and how to eliminate them

We often talk about micro-organisms, pathogens and both together: Pathogenic micro-organisms. However, it is not always clear what they are. Therefore, today at UCE Machines, we tell you what pathogenic microorganisms are and how to eliminate them. What are pathogenic microorganisms and where are they found? Pathogenic micro-organisms are [...]