What is fogging disinfection?

  • By ucemachines
  • On 22 March, 2022

Disinfection is a key issue in many businesses and establishments. And one of the best ways to disinfect it using the spray. Today, in UCE Machines we tell you everything you need to know about the disinfection nebulization.

What is it and what is fogging?

The nebulization it is the process by which it propagates the disinfecting agent (or any other agent, of course –in this case, we speak of disinfectants) through the air, allowing its effect to reach all the corners that you want to try. 

This process is a bit more expensive than others that you can implement, but the benefits outweigh the increase in the cost, as you will see in the next section.

What advantages it has over other methods of disinfection?

The advantages of misting there are so many. Then, you mentioned the more notable features:

  • Greater effectiveness: In the first place, the disinfection by fogging is much more effective than any other system that we have today. Just for that, you should look at it especially with good eyes.
  • Processes faster: Another important point is that the disinfection process is much more rapid through the fog. This method is able to disinfect 1 cubic meter in 30 seconds. Awesome!
  • Processes cheaper: Although we have said that the fog is expensive, it is because it requires investment in machinery and equipment. What is certain is that, once you have the machine, the cost for each disinfection process is much less due to multiple reasons (saving in staff, better use of the disinfecting agent, etc.).
  • Maximum reliability: And, of course, the last advantage of the fog is that it gives you the maximum reliability that currently exists in the field of disinfection.

What are the best machines of disinfection by fogging? 

Now, if you want to start to apply the disinfection by fogging, what is the best machine to do it? So, without a doubt, here we recommend the CleanBox Sport

It is a machine that removes any micro-organism with a high rate of success in their deactivation, and that, moreover, it is very easy to use. 

The best results with the greatest comfort.

As you can see, the disinfection by fogging this technique is the most effective way to disinfect any business, and is especially interesting in the industrial cleaning and cleaning in the areas of leisure. If you have any questions... don't hesitate to contact us!

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