We are already in the most important stations of the peninsula

  • By alejandro99
  • On 8 October, 2021

Our machines are already in operation in major railway stations throughout the peninsula. Our Clean Box One will take care of the cleaning and the disinfection the trays that are in the control of safety. The objective is to ensure the protection and the health both of the workers of the stations as of the passengers. 

The Clean Box one is a very good choice for cleaning and disinfection the trays in stations, as they are a critical point for the transmission of pathogenic microorganisms. Train stations, to be a place of passage of a high volume of population, suppose a space with potential risk of contagion.

For a correct cleaning and disinfection, our Clean Box One guarantees 99.99% elimination of pathogens that may be on the surfaces of the trays used in the security filter of the seasons. In addition, its quality and effectiveness make it a unique machine, and a pioneer in the market, since it is able to clean and disinfect up to 180 trays at a time and its effect lasts up to three days. This fact is of special relevance in the case of plastic trays, as they represent the greatest potential risk and its management is almost inevitable for all passengers. 

Therefore, in UCE Machines we are especially pleased that our Clean Box One has been included in the process cleaning and disinfection stations of ADIF, both in Spain and in Portugal. We thank this great company the confidence that you have placed in us and in our work.